Okay so we have this little contest between YouTube and Facebook as to which one is the better of these two platforms.  As I have been doing research for finding the best place to put the most energy.  The one side note is that Google Plus has just not really grabbed much of the enthusiasm as these other two.  But it will down the road so wait and see.

Okay so now back on topic. Whats the pulse out on the web concerning the “Okay Sports Fans Get Ready To Rumble” heavyweight boxing match of the century.

Here is what a respected colleague has to say:

Facebook is Great – YouTube is Better

For the longest time, Facebook has been one of the go-to social media networks for brands to grow, and connect with, an audience who are receptive to their products or services. But, over the past few months, the organic reach that brands and other Facebook Page owners have has steadily declined to single figures. Why? Because Facebook wants you to pay to reach as many eyeballs as possible, and it’s not about to give you that access for free anymore. Facebook is suppressing organic reach (perhaps to as little as 1-2% of your Page subscribers), and if you don’t happen to be Buzzfeed or Boo the Dog, then you are going to struggle if you don’t have the budget for advertising on the site.

Meanwhile, YouTube seems to be gaining a lot of momentum as brands get increasingly comfortable with using online video to reach their target demographic. But can Facebook brand communities really be compared to YouTube brand communities? Well, yes, if the metric being measured is rate of comments per post or per video upload. Comments are a great indicator because you can compare apples to apples where they are concerned.