Hosting on Cloud NineI have had lots of hosting accounts over the years and have settled down to 2 sites. One is the best for Cpanel hosting is Host Nine and the other is the best for Plesk Hosting style (like Godaddy, only cheaper) is GoMyDomain

CPanel Hosting Type

The CPanel hosting is the best in the business and by far the best price for what you pay is Host Nine. Both Host Gator and Blue Host have been bought out by a big conglomerate and there have been nothing but problems since. I do have my opinion on Host Gator and Blue Host you can read it here.

Cloud Hosting Servers

Host Nine is a Cloud hosting site.  Cloud hosting is when they have servers located all of the world so your site will load faster and not have to travel half way around the world to be found. It will route immediately from the closest server to the person searching.

Best Domain Prices

Best Domain Prices on the InternetIf you looking for the lowest price domain names, then there is no cheaper place than .  The other sites give you sales from time to time, but don’t be fooled.   After that first year purchase I have seen yearly renewals go as high as $40 / year.  The average hike is up around $18 to $20 / year.  At it is always the one low price, the same you bought it for or perhaps $1.00 more.  If the internet rules committee raises the base price the difference will only be reflected and the the US giving away the control of the internet, how knows how the prices are going to be going up.  And you can bet your bottom dollar (or should I say Top Dollar) these other domain name stores are going to double that.

GoMyDomains is in business to help the community of internet users not out to screw them. (pardon my French)

So happy interneting and may the Force be with you.

Doug Ison