Getting People coming to your site is the $50 Million question

Here is One Tip that can help you.

Lets say your niche is Health supplements or some special product that you are trying to sell. And you want to get the fastest traffic you How to get people to find you fastcan.

  1. Do a video and get it ranked.
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  3. Lets say you are in the health market and you want to get links back to your website the are both natural and high PR (page rank). I would search online for forums or discussion groups related to your niche on health and begin to comment and add value to the discussions. Then at the appropriate time add a link to your website. This is a longer process but the value you will gain will be worth the effort. Once you gain the respect of the audience your link could go viral and your rank and product sales explode.
  4. The other approach to the same idea is, I would Google health forums and find people that are complaining about a particular issue using the search forum button that your product or service addresses. Update your forum signature with a link to your site and write a detailed response to their question. Then you will get some quick looks at your reply if the topic is current. A few people will see it and click the link. You can use the same approach on Yahoo answers. This method again is slow for you, but you can always hire a VA (virtual assistant) from the Philippines, but this is one of the best way to get leads for yourself.