The use of the word FREE for marketing needs to be used sparingly and correctly.

Here are a few tips to understand when and when not use the word Free.

{nuances + conversions} Want more conversions? Who doesn’t, right? Well, we say all the time that tiny little nuances make BIG DIFFERENCES… and you should always be testing little small changes to see what gets better results.

Here’s an interesting study/analysis I read recently on the use of using the word FREE:

“Trial” …BEATS… “Free Trial” 4.3x
“Sample” …BEATS… “Free Sample” 3.4x
“Demo” …BEATS… “Free Demo” 5x

HERE’S WHY >> Those examples are all things that people tend to EXPECT to be free already.

Buuuuut, interestingly enough, when testing something that NORMALLY ISN’T already “free” — here’s what happens…

“Free Shipping” …BEATS… “shipping” 1.8x

LESSON LEARNED >> If the thing should be free, and is expected to be free, the redundancy is a no-go, don’t bother using the word “Free”, it won’t help you… But if there’s the slightest chance that your audience would be uncertain if the thing is free or not… then add “Free”

What about you? Have you tested any nuances lately? Colors, headlines, keywords, etc… What results did you get? Share with the group what worked better… and why…