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MrTuner provides expert service to all pianos, specializing in the recovery of vintage, damaged or “written off” pianos. At his company, Jeff Lehman is engaged daily in the practice of a wide range of services: from the restoring of long-neglected or damaged instruments to the routine scheduled maintenance of home, school, and church pianos. He has a commitment to provide long-term customer satisfaction since 1975, which is the key to his success.

A lifelong musician and pianist, Jeff learned piano tuning in high school, taught by his grandfather, and that kind of legacy and tradition isn’t found every day. Return harmony to your home with expert, cordial and reliable service. Pet- and kid-friendly, too!

Other services he offers (by referral) include piano moving, lessons, refinishing, and piano resales.

Pianos are delicate instruments that require care and maintenance. When you play a well-maintained piano, you’ll feel relaxed and calm as the sound fills your entire house. But over time, pianos get out of tune. Changes in humidity cause the wooden structure of the piano to expand and contract, de-stabilizing the delicate balance of string tension which is essential to musical harmony.

Pianos that have lost their original beautiful tone can be brought back sounding much as when they were first constructed. You may not own the world’s best piano, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be providing you with the best level of performance it is capable of. Jeff has been doing this, full-time, for over 42 years!

Stop putting it off. Contact Jeff today and get on the schedule!

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