My personal experience with Fiverr is a mixed bag.   Never do anything related toSEO, Backlinking and other related internet marketing campaigns, that is unless you want get you site rank lower not higher.  But what do you expect for $5.00.   But there are some good values there for sure.

Like graphics, some videos, things like that.  Never buy LIKES or Social marketing.  You will regret it. 


The Good

5 Star Rating Perfection

 Featured Fiverr Gig


5 Star Rating  Do you need a Press Release written this guy is good.


25star  Only Use for Video. These  were not Web 2.0 they were support forums so if you use this guy only do it to promote your videos.



The Bad

They Say Five STAR but I think they Paid someone on Fiverr to give them that rating.

1 Star Rating Was not able to write my articles

Bad SEO Fiverr Gig

1 Star Rating Very Bad links Google hates these kind.  My recommendation do not your Fiverr for SEO…  This was an experiment for me as I do SEO (a lot more than $5) and I tested with video.  Horrible backlinks and will eventually hurt your site and not help.

1 Star Rating Declined to write my PR?
Fiverr Press Release "Articlemachine"