6 Must do onsite SEO optimization Tips Tips to Help your website


Here is a summary bullet points of things you want to take care of to insure your going to get the Google Love you are looking for.

  1. On Page Optimization: Setting up your pages / post correctly
  2. Keywords: Each page should concentrate on One Keyword and have several variations of this keyword mentioned in your content. The Keyword density should be about 1% to 1.5%.
    1. If you want a plugin to figure this out, its a great tool and I use it, go here. It will also help your ranking with the search engines it helps you to optimize you site with understanding instead of guess work. Once you purchase this through the link if you want a few tips email me.
    2. Also make sure you fill-out your meta data for each page. Title, Description and Keywords and this is what the searching are looking for to index your page and what people will see when the page shows up in the search engine listing. Be Creative and stand out.
    3. Use this Plugin for the Best SEO Performance go here
  3. Write Great Content … lots of content. The site with the best and most content that is SEO optimized will when the position battle. You can write articles that should be 600 words or more. You can writer shorter articles but sparingly. Also Curated content is very good. Example of curation is www.HuffingtonPost.com Get a very excellent Curation Tool here.
  4. Authorship: Having Google and others recognize your content writing.
  5. Social Media: Do all your post link back to your website?
  6. Citations: Accurate BIO information. The only time this BIO is hazardous is if it is different on the various directory sites or non-existent.

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