Marketing Tip FREE?

Marketing Tip for the word Free

The use of the word FREE for marketing needs to be used sparingly and correctly. Here are a few tips to understand when and when not use the word Free. {nuances + conversions} Want more conversions? Who doesn’t, right? Well, we say all the time that tiny little nuances make BIG DIFFERENCES… and you should […]

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The Best Autoresponder Aweber

Aweber Emai Campaign Manager

What is an Autoresponder? An autoresponder is a widget / software app you use on your website to capture / gather peoples Names, email address, etc so they will join your list of subscribers to your newsletter or whatever you offer is to be able to send them more information and offers on a regular […]

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Flying Bicycle

My latest video for a friend who is developing a flying ebicycle. He is currently raising money to get the first one off the ground. He is a pilot and engineer and his parents where both engineers on the 1st Stealth Bomber . He walk across the wings as a kid. Now creating his on […]

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The Best Reseller Hosting on the Internet: Host Nine

The Best Reseller Hosting Service Available To Date… Hands Down and Thumbs Up! I use Host Nine, the switch from Host Gator & Blue Host has been nothing short of fantastic.  They use Cloud Hosting and the response is nothing short of excellent. They have CPanel for ease of use and the support is excellent.  […]

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The Best Software to Get and Keep Clients

Client online chat

Get more leads, simplify invoicing and payment collection and save time on client scheduling and reminders.

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The Grommet Super Cool Products

The Coolest Stuff for sale on the Web

Do you like to buy new stuff.  Things the people have just come out with or invented and they are not the big guys.  These are people like you and me.  Well then you have to heck this out for buying cool stuff you have never seen before click here

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6 Must Do Website SEO Optimaztion Tips

Search Engine Optimization

6 Must do onsite SEO optimization Tips   Here is a summary bullet points of things you want to take care of to insure your going to get the Google Love you are looking for. On Page Optimization: Setting up your pages / post correctly Keywords: Each page should concentrate on One Keyword and have […]

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One Social Ranking Method

Building your social link networks to get your blog found

Getting People coming to your site is the $50 Million question Here is One Tip that can help you. Lets say your niche is Health supplements or some special product that you are trying to sell. And you want to get the fastest traffic you can. Do a video and get it ranked. Social […]

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The Best Hosting on the Internet

The Best Cloud Hosting Available Host 9

I have had lots of hosting accounts over the years and have settled down to 2 sites. One is the best for Cpanel hosting is Host Nine and the other is the best for Plesk Hosting style (like Godaddy, only cheaper) is GoMyDomain CPanel Hosting Type The CPanel hosting is the best in the business […]

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Google Authorship is a Must Have

Google Authorship is Necessary to Rank

Google Helps Create Awareness of Your Brand The new Google Endorsements is going to help people recognize you and the things you recommend. This is Branding on steroids. This will go a long way in helping you become a recognized leader and professional in your market place and the associations you have in branding your […]

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Protect Your Credit Cards with Signal Vault

Stop Credit Card Thieves with Signal Vault

It could just be the scariest high-tech crime out there right now. It involves thieves stealing your credit card information without ever touching you, or your wallet — it’s called electronic pick-pocketing, or crowd hacking. It works like this: If you have a “chipped” credit card — a card with a radio-frequency identification computer chip […]

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Is your Backlinking Breaking Your Back

Google is out to penalize Spam back-links to your site Hitting the SEO news headlines today by multiple sources was Virool a video marketing firm penalized for too many back-links too fast with appeared to Google to be unnatural and spam trying to force their ranking position ahead of the competition. Do a quick Google […]

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Over Coming in 2014

Overcome any handicapp

This is the year where we are going to learn to overcome our handicaps and become over-comers.  This is a year where we accept the things we cannot change and make them the things that provide us with the greatest opportunities to find strength in our weakness and trust and faith in an almighty God […]

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What You Need to have a Successful Website

As Seen On CNN

What does it take to get found on the internet and get new clients, prospects and customers.  It takes everything this video talks about and we can deliver it. Video mixed with SEO and Content writing is the combination that will increase you website visits. Marketing you and your business with Press Releases and CNN […]

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Sketch Art Videos are Powerful

Whiteboard Hand Writing Videos

Custom Hand Scribe Videos  Grand Opening Announcements (The End will take you to The Site Automatically … Please come Back :)) Advertise Your Business with Professionally Designed Videos Endorsements: Get your business or yourself endorsed Get Magic Submitter Here More Marketing Strat Lovers Get Your Custom Made Videos by Calling 1-888-368-4476 or 281-203-0480 Contact us […]

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Get Paid to Draw

Learning How to Draw and Use Photography it's Simply Fantastic

Getting Paid to Draw and do Photography When I was just a kid. I remember and to this day the love of drawing and learning how to draw has been a passion. I would buy every book (that my mom would let me) to learn to draw. She loved to paint so it wasn’t to […]

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One of the Greatest Inspirational Speeches Made

Inspirational Momements for Success

We all need an inspiration.  We all need someone to look up to and model.  Unfortunately some of us have missed out on the direction we need.  I can admit that I have been there and done that.  But as you will soon see even if we fall and fail no matter what the area […]

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How Strong Is Your Password

Is your password safe

Having a secure password these days is absolutely essential to keep your identity safe and protected. It is relatively easy to steel your password by the internet thieves in this world.  Most peoples password is there loved one, their dog (same as their loved one) and a weak password will enable any online thief to […]

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Website Being Hacked: WordPress Security Plugin

As a WordPress designer and developer I have been using a security plugin to avoid all the malicious attacks from hackers on the internet.  An email message from server: Your website, Doug’s View of the Web & Life, is undergoing a brute force attack. There have been at least 50 failed attempts to log in […]

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Why I Don’t Use Host Gator or Blue Host Anymore

Go My Domain Low Price Domains, cheap hosting and USA Support Staff

Host Gator and Blue Host bought out by EIG and their service suffers big time Last wee there was a huge outage on the internet.  I have 3 hosting plans. One with Host Gator, one with Blue Host and the third with GoMyDomain.   Blue Host and Host Gator were down the whole day, but […]

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Mobile Website by Doug Ison & Team

Texas Style Limo of Houston

A Mobile Website (App) is a Must! Whether your a business or a individual having a mobile site is a way to brand yourself.  Nothing says it more in this mobile world we live in than to have a  mobile website to tell others who you are and where and how to find you. As […]

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Handscribe Videos

Hand Scribe Video

New Handscribe videos done for your business We are excited to bring our customers this very cool technology in videos and making it affordable to market your business.  This type of video is even now showing up on TV.  Get a custom made video for your business and reach even more customers through video marketing. […]

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Albert Einstein’s Advice

One Smart Man Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein If Albert thinks this a smart thing, I’ll take his sound advice and let you know I am here to work with you to help you find your success on the internet. Regards, Doug

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ISON the ‘Comet of the century’ nears Earth

The Ison Comet

It’s not everyday that you get a comet named after you… a Comet named after me… I am honored, LOL Read More…

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